Last Week

The week in brief (by Justine)…

Monday – Bank Holiday, we gave the house a much needed clean.

Tuesday – Can’t remember, except we moved the piano out of the sitting room and re-arranged the sofas. It feels so much better in there now. (This has transformed Justine’s life, as now the room is a much better way around! – Matt) The boys played lots of games that involved compasses and the South pole.

Wednesday – We started the morning by listening to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ which had arrived in the post and then went to Barnwell Country Park with J and F and T. We walked around to start with, partly trying to identify things, partly just to enjoy it. And then had a picnic lunch at the play area. All very idylic really. Until Bee spent too long on the basket swing and was sick! We came home about 3ish and listened to some of Bee’s new ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek’, which had also arrived that morning.

Thursday – We met up with a friend and her 2-yo twins at the central park sandpit. We had lunch in the cafe.

Friday – Went to the farm with the Muddle-Puddle group. Not a particularly succesfull morning as one of the other children fell badly on her foot and had to be taken off to casualty. The others all left after lunch but we stayed the whole afternoon. We helped take some of the lambs out for their first time in the field. Saw a new shire horse foal and the boys played for a long time at being Mary, Laura and Carrie in the 1940s kitchen in the Mill house!

Saturday – In the morning Matt bought a printer and ordered the cables on the web (PC World do very good deals when you buy something that someone else has returned, but their prices on cables are extortionate). Matt went to a music practice, I finished the cleaning.

Sunday – Church this morning. Many crises this morning as I put Mip in Bee’s favourite shirt (which he has grown out of), but Bee didn’t like this and wanted to wear the shirt. And then Bee didn’t want to wear his new shoes, but eventually went to church in his sandals in the rain. Wet all afternoon so we stayed in and played games and read stories. Lit the fire and made a chocolate cake. All very cosy.

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