This afternoon we had our Muddlepuddle group, though we’re a bit low on numbers at the moment. We had 4 families again – 8 children – but had a very nice session. Littlest slept through most of it, which made it easier, and a play farm kept the boys totally absorbed for much of the session. They also did a bit of painting, some playdough,read some stories, and made some cookies. With the children all busy I got to spend a bit more time chatting than I usually can, which was nice, and the children all seemed to enjoy the activities and being with each other. I was beginning to wonder whether the group was getting too small to keep on with the hall sessions, but as everyone seemed happy to carry on we will continue through this term and see where we get to.

Home group tonight, so a late night for everyone. Tomorrow Matt has to take all the old plaster off 1 wall in the sitting room, that somehow was missed when the room was replastered before. I’m not looking forward to the cleaning up…..

Photos to follow shortly – my computer is having an up-grade at the moment.

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