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Behind again with this.Sunday we went to church in the morning and then went to the little trains at Thorpe Hall with friends in the afternoon. Monday ? I think we stayed home, played in the garden, and started washing our bedroom curtains which were thick with dust. Tuesday we met up with several friends for lunch at P’s house and ate in her garden. Wednesday – see Monday. Thursday we went pond dipping at Barnwell with the PCHE group. We had booked a ranger for an hour and a half, and he was very good. He talked them through food chains ( which Bee has looked at before )and food pyramids (which were new to him) and after dipping for, and identifying, lots of water bugs they drew large pond pictures and then he took them for a listening game, again based around the food chain idea. Most of the group stayed and had a picnic at the play area, and then we went on to Bean’s (Oundle’s fair trade coffee shop) for the required coffee and cake (Matt was taking a day’s holiday). We finished up with a quick shopping trip to Oxfam for books and at Hampton for some clothes for Matt.

Today was Muddlepuddle’s first session back at the hall. after several months of waiting to organise insurance. J and I had planned to picnic first at Central Park, but it was really too cold so we abandoned that idea. Instead Bee and Mip played “pond dipping” and made themselves Lego nets and then drew pictures. Bee drew a very nice water scorpion, though he wasn’t quite sure so we found a picture of one and he drew another one.
IMG_1017 IMG_1018

Muddle Puddle’s theme was “up the garden path”. The boys planted broad beans and sweetcorn, made paper windmills and playdough ladybirds, watched food colouring moving up a celery stalk and baked cookies. I came back with some tomatoes and onions to plant.It was a very samll group – 4 families -but it made for a peaceful session. I took them over to Central Park afterwards where we saw some friends, but unfortunately I had forgotten to take them to the toilet after MP and Bee didn’t quite make it to the park toilets in time… We had no spare clothes for him so had to come home .Bee carried on playing with some paper scraps left over from MP and made himself a water scorpion and then they all playdoughed until tea and are now all flopped on the sofa reading stories with Matt.

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