Saturday morning we emptied the sitting room and dust sheeted and then Matt spent the afternoon pulling plaster off walls, and the evening emptying the shop in preparation for the plasterers on Monday. I cleared the garden in the afternoon. So by Sunday we were all fairly tired, but had a nice time at a birthday party at the little trains.

We had to be up early this morning as the plasterers arrived at 7. The morning went well until Littlest rolled off her change mat onto the floor. She howled and screamed very loudly, but I couldn’t find any sign of bruise or bump. She learnt to roll over last week and has become very wriggly. I took the children into town for the morning (the first time since littlest’s arrival – not because I was unsure of taking four children to town, but because I was unsure of whether the car would fit in the car park. It did, but only clears the ceiling by two inches). We had quite a nice time in town – sales assistants kept appearing at every turn to offer help. Not sure whether this was prompted by the hope that it would get us out of the shop more quickly…

Bee listening to Little House on the Prairie and seeing how a piano works:
00003.jpg 00018.jpg

We then took our picnic to central park, read books, and played in the sand, but it was a bit cold so we only stayed an hour and a half. Having had a successful shopping morning I decided to try Tesco’s, which I also haven’t done with all four of them. I lost Mip twice, but apart from that it all went well.

Back home Bee was at the kitchen table cutting and sticking and making things, which he has been doing a lot of recently. He made a postbox and attempted to make a plaster for Elaine.

00017.jpg 00023.jpg

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