Tuesday was another day at home. We made another batch of playdough, which kept the boys busy for much of the day. When we had a pause in the afternoon I made some scones, and then felt guilty that every time there is a pause I think of a baking project. So I raided the fridge for vegetables and made a big pot of pasta sauce to compensate.

We spent the evening getting ready for a trip to Boughton Estate the next day, which would require leaving at 9am. Usually we haven’t even made it to the breakfast table by 9am!

Anyway, we left at 9:07am. The journey went well. It is a 3/4 of an hour drive and usually I wouldn’t want to do more than 20mins with a baby (on my own), but she was fine. Boughton estate were doing two open days for school children (plus a handful of HE families) to show how the estate works, what goes on, etc.. So, they had a bee keeping tent, sheep, sheepdogs (they had planned to be shearing the sheep, but the sheep were too soggy), gun dogs, tree felling, tractors and combines, birds of prey…

Lots of interesting things for the boys, though I found the day quite difficult. Not sure why really. Maybe because it was mizzling, I wasn’t sure how the journey would go, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. D rescued me in the afternoon by pushing the buggy around for me so I could spend a bit more time helping the boys.

Today was hard-going too. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen making cookie dough ready for Muddle Puddle tomorrow, soup for tea, and cakes for home group tomorrow. We read about dinosaurs and aeroplanes, lots of toddler books, and Gumdrop and Rupert. Bee refused to wear his new shoes again. So we didn’t go out and probably could have done with being outside.Just one of those days when we all kept getting cross with each other needlessly.

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