Buying books

An audio book of ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ arrived this morning so we had a very peaceful breakfast with it playing. We all enjoyed it and Justine was relieved to have someone else read it for her! I’m slowly getting to know the stories (my education having been lacking in that respect) and am really enjoying them too.

This morning the first thing we did was to head over to the Central Library booksale. I wanted to make sure we got there as early as possible. It started at 9:30 (why can’t they make these things later!) and I was there within a few minutes of the start. Justine and the children followed shortly after, having found a parking space after dropping me off. Thankfully most of the Rugby scrum when I got there was around some adult non-fiction books, which I would have liked to be able to sift through, but it gave me time to look through the children’s stuff instead. We found a good number of books to fill the plastic bag we had bought for £2.50 and 6 classical CDs for a fiver too.

Boys reading at the library

After the booksale we went to Central Park so the boys could ride their bikes and dig in the sandpit.

Of course, what happens when we buy books is that the boys want to have them read. So we spent the afternoon going between reading and doing various bits of cleaning that have resulted from the work that has been going on in the house. (Update – the shop room now has most of its ceiling and walls ready for the plasterer and the shop front itself is only waiting for them to put in the glass for the window above the door.)

Lots of very interesting books from the library booksale. I was hoping for more children’s non-fiction, but there wasn’t much good stuff there. Quite often this kind of thing can look like the kind of books that we were made to copy out of when we were at school! The library seems to have a stock of children’s books that were written, designed and printed in places like India and East Africa. These are very interesting to read to the boys as the stories are good and the illustrations are quite Indian and African!

At some point today I sat down with the boys and explained about Earthquakes. We had a look at pictures and video on the BBC news site. I reminded them of the trip to the Natural History museum that showed what an earthquake is, but said that the one in Folkestone wasn’t as bad as they one in the Museum!

Justine made nice soup for tea from our home grown spinach.

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