After finishing ‘The Last Little Cat’, I decided to try “The adventures of the Little Wooden Horse’ by Ursula Moray Williams. It’s one of those books I used to cry through every time I read it, but having had a quick look at it again yesterday it didn’t seem quiet as traumatic as I remembered it. We read the first four chapters today taking a chapter at a time and then going to do something else before doing another chapter. This way gives Bee more opportunity to mull over what we have read and wonder what might be coming next than if we read all the chapters in one go.

In between our chapters the boys made rock cakes, felt tip stained class window pictures, made jigsaw puzzles and played letter lotto.

After a few weeks respite JJ has got back to puzzles, in the mean time he has learnt to say his “P”‘s so now they are puzzles rather than nuzzles (and the postman brings post instead of the toastman bringing toast, which I rather miss). As before he is very focussed and intent and is spending hours each day on them. One evening last week I was reading an alphabet book to him and went through asking him what each letter was. He knew 16 or them, which I guess he must have picked up from Bee and Mip. I think he is fairly sure of his number up to 10. He has also developed a habit of twizzling his hair at the back of his head and has now knotted it up so much that we are going to have to cut the twizzle out.

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