Matt began early by going to a Men’s breakfast at Church and then came home to take over while I went to the NCT sale. I managed to buy 4 outfits for littlest with no pink amongst them! Then Matt and Bee took a car load of polystyrene ceiling tiles (from the old shop room) to the tip. After lunch cam the long process of getting everybody ready to go out, but it was worth it as the weather was lovely and we had a very therapeutic walk down to the NVR station and along the river. We picked up a form for annual membership of NVR so that we can make more use of it.

Then while I made tea Matt read some of the books that we picked up yesterday from a local ebay seller – Castles, I Spy Animals in Art (from the Ambleside Online Curriculum), Hug by Jez Alborough.

JJ fell asleep in his high chair. Bee and Mip have just gone to bed and I am hoping littlest will wake up soon as she seems to have been asleep all day!

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