Ist smile

Yesterday (Tuesday) started well. Littlest sat in bed with me, coughed, was sick all over me, and then gave me a great big smile! We had friends over for the morning and then after lunch went out to the park via the recycling and the charity shop (trousers and John Lewis coat for Bee. top and Dungarees for Littlest all for £1.85 – I love charity shops!). We came home and baked cookies (we made refridgerator dough on Sunday, so we’ve been baking a few every afternoon – good therapy for February ) and then the boys painted and we listened to Elgar’s cello concerto.

We’re trying to pull bed time (and therefore waking up time) forwards a bit, so the boys went to bed a bit before 8, with a plan to wake everyone up at 7.30 tomorrow.

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