Its been a pottering along quietly sort of week. There have been a lot of kitchen table activities and a lot of roller-skating practice. We’ve been at home nearly all week and only went out on Friday afternoon to meet up with some Muddle-Puddle friends at Central Park. The sand area has been re-designed and the boys had a good time playing in it.

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I finally finished all the thank you notes on my list (Christmas, Littlest, Mip, JJ!!) with much relief, although I’ve thought of a few since then that hadn’t made it to my list. I’ve also read a Derek Tangie (Downshifting from London to a Cornish Flower farm) which has prompted thinking on whether we are still planning on moving out of the city. On the one hand we very much want our boys to have more outside space than they have now and on the other hand we’ve spent six years restoring this house and have more inside space than we can use. I’ve also read bits from an ‘Unschooling’ book and the more I think on our home-education approach the more I can see us heading in an unschooling direction, although still using lots of the Charlotte Mason ideas and Ambleside Online resources.

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We grind hemp seeds (amongst others) for our muesli and a little while ago Matt found some out of date seeds so he threw them out onto the green in front of our house for the birds to eat. However the birds don’t seem to have eaten many and there is now a luxuriant patch of small ‘hemp plants’ growing outside! Not sure if we should get out the lawn mower/spade in the middle of the night to go and sort them out or maybe do something else?

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Bee ‘reading’ to JJ.


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