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Here is a link to a blog that talks about the German HE family that have been in the news recently (disclaimer – I’ve not read it in detail):

I’ve just had two days of holiday (from work), which has included getting over a cold. Aside from not feeling too great, we have had a really good time.

Today we went back to Peterborough Museum (having been there the day before yesterday) as there was a visiting Planetarium. I knew Bee would want to see this as we have steadilly been creating the night sky on his ceiling in glow-in-the-dark stars. Last night we had been looking at one star with the binoculars (I’ve had them since I was a boy!) and I was telling Bee that it was probably Venus and not a star after all. When we got to the Museum we booked to go into the Planetarium an hour later. So, we spent some time looking around the other bits of the museum first (it isn’t big!). Bee already seems to have some favourite areas that he likes to go into and they have a few toys out here and there for younger ones. I’m convinced that on the map from 1876 there is a house on the site of our house, so I might investigate that one day as ours was built in 1915.

Looking through the light exhibitions again, a model of an eyeball reminded me that we have an eyeball making kit (found in Oxfam last year) sitting on a shelf at home and decided that we should get it out later.

At 11:50 we dutifully turned up outside the room for the planetarium show. I had realised it would be a temporary dome thing, but hadn’t really thought this through. The planetarium turned out to be an inflated dome in the museum room that is usually used for classroom type activities. We had to crawl into the dome via an access point on the side, but once in could stand up. As we got in there and sat down surrounded by all these other people with our sleeping baby and toddler, I wondered what would happen if either of them decided they didn’t like the experience. We then had a presentation about Venus, followed by the stars being projected onto the inside of the inflated dome (we were inside too). The first star to be shown to us was Venus, which was exactly where we had seen it the night before! Next came identification of various other constellations and an incredible view of the amount of stars that there really are in the skies. I couldn’t see the boys (!), but from whispered conversation with Bee, he was excited. JJ was quiet and littlest just slept on my lap, with a little occasional bouncing. I can’t believe we got away with having a baby and toddler in the pitch-black darkness of the inside of a dome tent with no easy way out for a half-hour presentation and none of our children cried(!).

Home for lunch and panicking that we weren’t going to get out in time for the afternoon activity, which was going to FM for the birthday of a friend. We’ve got to know them through the PCHE group that we have set up and it was the birthday of the 10 yo boy in their family. There were quite a few other HE families there plus some from the village where our friends live. It was a lovely afternoon at FM with lots of play for our boys and Bee got to play with his current favourite friend. E is the same age as Bee and his face lights up every time he finds out that she is going to be at something we will be at. Also there is another family (who go to the same Church as us) that have a boy who is 6 months older than our Mip and has the same name. It is very funny to see that he has many of the same character traits. I enjoy watching when they call him and he doesn’t respond (or even seem to notice they exist) as this is exactly what our Mip is like. This makes me realise that we’re not going completely wrong with Mip and it is just ‘normal’ behaviour for a boy of that age. It also makes me feel guilty about the times I get cross with him for being on another planet and not responding, when really I need to be more patient with him and realise the stage he is at. Not sure I’ll ever get that one.

When we came home we constructed our eyeball, but didn’t really get much time to try it out properly as JJ was a bit tearfull. So, we settled for watching Thomas while Justine made tea. Then time for bed and quickly adding Canis Major (the big dog) onto the ceiling.

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