Some photos from JJ’s birthday:
IMG_0883 IMG_0881

Matt had booked yesterday and today as holiday, although I had forgotten so hadn’t planned anything. Which was a good thing as Matt, Mip and JJ were all feeling a bit rough with colds and wouldn’t have been up for anything very ambitious.

Yesterday morning Matt JJ and littlest all slept. B and Mip played out in the playhouse and I gave the bedrooms a desperately needed tidy and clean. Then later in the day. Littlest and I went shopping, and Matt and the boys dropped into the museum where they were doing an exhibition on light.

This morning we all went down to the farm and watched while twelve cade lambs were delivered from a nearby farm. The boys had turns bottle-feeding them.


IMG_0891 IMG_0894

We came home via the NVR station at Wandsford to arrange for our membership. Then this afternoon Matt and Bee went to the tip. Bee seems excited about the fact that we still have one more lot to go to the tip, but Matt is not so excited about making another journey there. I read stories to the boys and then they went and played outside. They all got wet and muddy so we bathed them afterwards.

Matt and Bee added Gemini to the ceiling galaxy before bed. We seem to have managed to bring bedtimes forward, although it did mean a 6:30 start this morning, which is the down-side.

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