We made it up at a sensible time today – Matt got us all up at 7am, but on arriving in the kitchen I discovered we had run out of both porridge oats and bread. We made some scones for breakfast and by the time we were finishing those a friend arrived for morning coffee bearing elevensies!

We had a nice morning chatting while the boys played with Magnetix and other bits and pieces at the table. Then in the afternoon we went down to FM. It still takes a ridiculously long time to get everyone ready and out of the house.

Below is Dad building Magnetix with the boys on Mips birthday.


Yesterday we went down to the farm with friends. They have a new calf and a small flock of rare breed sheep.

Below are Bee’s painting of a dragon’s footprint and a picture of a fairy, which he drew for littlest’s book.

IMG_0875 IMG_0873

Littlest at 5 weeks.

IMG_0877 IMG_0865

A selection of photos from Mip’s birthday…
IMG_0868 IMG_0858

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