Our days are starting so late these days.It’s usually around 8 before we wake up (I’m not complaining !) and then 9.30 before we get to breakfast, and 10.30 before we’re ready for anything. So on a Friday when we have Muddlepuddle at 1pm we end up having lunch an hour and a half after breakfast! In our hour and a half this morning the boys made biscuits with me for home group tonight, and then playdoughed. Then we drove our new (to us) Toyota Estima over to Activity World for Muddlepuddle. On the way over Mip said thoughtfully ” This car is like our kitchen”. I asked why, and he said it has 2 roof windows like our kitchen! As always they enjoyed AW, although by the time I have changed nappies at intervals, supervised JJ, provided drinks, collected up money, etc. I didn’t spend much time actually sitting talking to people. Then home again and out to home group in the evening.

A video of the boys telling a joke

just found this from 2 weeks ago….

Matt’s away in Holland, so it’s been a long day today and the littlest is still awake….
What have we done? Read some of The Living World and looked at food chains, photosynthesis and climates , read a book on emperor penguins, read a selection of toddler books for JJ, lots of painting, walked around the park (only half an hour but I really need to get back into the discipline of getting us all out every afternoon ) listened to something……

Littlest is starting to lose her dark hair. JJ thinks it is fun to through toys down the stairs (v. noisy as stair carpet is still taken up).

New Phone

I (Matt) got a new mobile phone for work! So, I’ve recorded some video on it of the boys. This fairly standard going to bed routine for the boys… They get rid of loads of energy by running around on our bed. Usually it is me that prompts it and helps them to run off the extra energy by initiating a pillow fight. It settles them quite quickly ready for sleep!


This video ends with a tragic accident

Such a pity as he had only just got rid of the last bump.

not sure where my last post went to……

We left the house twice today! Library story time in the morning, and then a walk around the park in the afternoon. Not much went on in between that I can remember – I read to JJ , Bee made a bead picture following a pattern (must go and iron it next before it has an accident!), JJ play-doughed, Bee and Mip had the sand tray down, we listened to some Beethoven. And I continued with the Christmas thank you letters. Though if I wait just a bit longer, I’ll be able to cover Christmas, new baby and Mip and JJ’s birthday thank yous all in one go! But mostly I’ve just been very tired. The Littlest didn’t go to sleep until nearly midnight last night, and then JJ woke up and it was 1pm before I was in bed. However, Matt’s due back about midnight tonight and then has a day’s holiday tomorrow. Which is just as well, as the whole house needs cleaning, I have a long shopping list, piles of clothes to sort, Mip needs new shoes, and we have a car to buy…..I’m beginning to wonder whether we’re going to have to look for a cleaner again to create a few hour’s space in the week.


A bit of a slow start to the day, partly because we had someone from church arrive who is going to be continuing the work on our house for us (hurray!!) which has been made possible by a very substantial child tax credit rebate (hurray!!). But we put in another couple of chapters from Little House in the Big Woods, some more Coddling Village and a few other bits. We also did some playdough (thank you Mark), some drawing, and Bee did some letter tracing. In between they ran wild with an elastic band ball!
I also finally remembered to put some music on while they were “working”. We often have story tapes on, but I almost never remember to play classical music, so today we enjoyed some piano concertos. Well, I did, and no one else complained!

We also had our information pack arrive from Education Otherwise, which we have just joined. It includes a purse-sized card stating your legal rights (briefly) as a home educator in case you are caught in a truancy sweep. Which I shall be glad to have, after an h.e. friend was recently stopped by the police in Tesco’s and was quite upset by it. We are also trying to arrange insurance for our local under 8’s H.e. group through E.O. as we have just discovered we don’t have any and so have had to suspend our meetings at the hall we use for the moment.

snow – 8th February

We’ve had a really nice day today. The boys were so excited about the snow. We read some stories while the littlest was still awake, and then when she fell asleep I coated them up and sent them out into the garden. JJ only stayed out 10 mins or so, but the other 2 were out until lunch, and then Bee went out again after lunch. We lit a fire and read through assorted snowy chapters from Little House in the Big Woods, and then made some fairy cakes ready for house group tomorrow. One of those cozy indoor days. (photo to follow)

Life with four

is more or less happening. Cleaning is even more minimal than before (!) and we’ve only made it out of the house once this week so far (though not totally my fault as some time has been lost waiting for a door to be delivered, ).And the piles of baby clothes are still all over the floor waiting to be organised 2 weeks on….. But it’s actually being better than I was expecting it to be. Baby is being awake for longer now, but as long as she is fed at intervals she is happy in the sling. She slept in the pram for an hour over lunch time, but having re-read The Continuum Concept recently (Jean Liedloff)I want to keep her carried as much as possible.
I read to the boys for an hour or so this morning, and then played several games of pelmanism with Bee and JJ while Mip built a railway in the cellar. Then we all played snap and Bee played Tell Me with me while I put tea together. Bee did some alphabet dot-to-dots and JJ some puzzles and Bee carried on learning the basics of chess with Matt in the evening. They’re working through a book I picked up in a charity shop. Matt tried for a while to put Bee off but Bee was very insistent . He’s learned draughts, naughts and crosses, and nine men’s morris (the idea for that taken from Peterborough museum, and then made at home after finding instructions on Wikipedia).

So ,as you can tell Bee is very into games at the moment. But I felt fairly encouraged by the end of the day that it is going to be possible to do things with the boys still with a baby in tow. Just need to work on actually getting out of the house…….