The last few weeks

The last few weeks have continued in much the same vein – lots of house clearance jobs etc. in our free time. We’ve done the final planning for the shop front, wired up assorted sockets, had the plumber in, hemmed kitchen curtains, gotten rid of a spare three piece suite and a large box of spare ring binders, taken a carpet and lots of other bits to the tip…

Our evenings and nights have definitely become more civilised. JJ has weaned himself and goes happily to bed with Matt on an evening at the same time as Bee and Mip go to bed. Sometimes he sleeps through, but even if he wakes up he is easily settled by a quick cuddle. Mip still joins us occasionaly in the night if he wakes up, but we do have mornings now when it is just the two of us in our bed. This is something of a novelty!

The days are in a fairly steady routine. We are mostly at home in the morning with the boys doing lots of kitchen table activities – playdough, painting etc. – and then we go out to the park farm, etc. for two hours in the afternoon. Things are generally feeling easier now that JJ can manage without an afternoon sleep and doesn’t need the buggy.

I was a little alarmed to discover we only have ten weeks left till this next baby is due. I still have a long list of ‘things to do’. Must re-connect with a midwife at some point – we seem to have fallen out of the system.

Today Matt took a day off and in the afternoon we went down to Hinchingbrooke Country Park with the PCHE group. There were five families altogether – thirteen children. We had a very nice time. Lots of talking for the grown-ups as we walked around and lots of charging around with sticks (small and large) for the children – they were nearly all boys.

Bee is still very much into Wind in the Willows and goes to bed listening to the tape every night and looking at the pictures in his book. Matt has also read to him recently the Emperor’s New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling from the lovely Folio books from Granny that have the original fables in them.

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