A very mixed week

Matt has been away in Spain for three days this week. On the Tuesday Mip went from one crisis to another spending much of the day falling apart and lying on the floor howling. By the end of the dayI was convinced that we had made a total mess of our parenting and needed to call in Social Services, find a family therapist, etc. and that Mip was obviously deeply disturbed and desperately unhappy.

Wednesday was a little better, but still very difficult. Thursday improved a bit more and by the time Matt was back on Friday I don’t think he could see quite what all the fuss was about.

The weekend has been as lovely as the week was awful. On Saturday afternoon we went with another HE family to Welney in the Fens, where thousands of swans and ducks migrate to over winter. They had some fascinating videos on the fens and fen life, as well as the observation hides.

IMG_0716.JPG IMG_0723.JPG

Matt’s wildlife photography isn’t amazing, but there are a few more photos that you can see if you click on one of these.

IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0721.JPG

They had paper and crayons in the hides to keep small children busy. Bee drew this bicycle, which I liked, partly because it was the first time he had tried to draw one and partly because all of the other children were drawing pictures of swans and ducks.


Today Matt was at Church all morning, so the boys and I made our Christmas and Easter cakes (if the spare one lasts that long). And then this afternoon we all went out for a walk in Longueville woods. It was a lovely Autumn afternoon, and when we came back the boys settled themselves at the table with playdough and bead pictures and were very peaceful and busy. The whole day had a lovely feel to it, a far cry from last Tuesday. I’m still not sure what last week was all about, but certainly don’t feel the need to rush to Social Services at the moment!

2 thoughts on “A very mixed week”

  1. Lots of sympathy/empathy for your difficult week. Don’t doubt your parenting-you are doing brilliantly.
    Do you think Mip was missing Matt?

  2. I don’t think it was missing Matt, because the worst day was the Tuesday – the day he left – so as far as the children were concerned he hadn’t actually been away yet. Unless he was vaguely aware of what was happening and just felt unsettled by it? I don’t know!

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