Wot no Blog?

Life has been so busy recently that there just hasn’t been any evening space left. Mostly the time has been taken up with organising the work being done on the house and the continual working through and getting rid of accumulated “stuff”. Matt has also been busy working on a couple of home education e-mail lists. But one day last week, or maybe the week before (?) when we had nothing particular planned I deciced to record ” an average day”.

8.15 a.m. Wake up . (We would never make the school gates by 9.00!!) . Get everyone dressed etc

IMG_0602.JPG IMG_0605.JPG

9.30 a.m. Breakfast. Matt heads down to the basement to start work and Bee and Mip settle themselves at the table to do some “writing” while JJ does some puzzles and I put nappies on to wash and generally clear up. When I come back Bee wants me to read his words, made up entirely of consanants, so we discuss the need for vowels!

IMG_0606.JPG IMG_0609.JPG

10.30 a.m. Bee disappears down to the basement with Matt to do some Fuzzy Felts and Mip and JJ play with the dolls’ house. I make cups of tea, wash up, and check mail on the computer. JJ is being a bit wobbly so I put him in the indoor swing while I’m computing.


11.30 a.m. Matt goes to work via the Dentist. Bee and Mip are playing a long game of ‘farmhouse sitting’, which involves bringing the entire collection of soft toys downstairs. We have far too many!

IMG_0614.JPG IMG_0615.JPG

12:00. JJ gets a bump. I distract him by taking him out to collect walnuts while I hang out the washing. He refuses lunch so I put him to bed and then the rest of us eat ours. We discuss why it is dark in Australia now. Matt phones to say the dentist has taken the tooth out, so this leads to a long conversation about anaesthetics, dental work etc. Not sure Bee believes much of it though!

Then we read two thirds of the first chapter of Wind in the Willows, and then Bee finds a ‘Living World’ book. We look at random pages, – eyes, bones, nervous system, termites… Just little snippets, but interesting.

2:30pm. JJ wakes up. Lunch, nappy and then off to the farm. We arrive at 3:30 to discover it closes at 4. We stay till 4:30 anyhow. It was a beautiful afternoon, but I forgot to take the camera. We come home via Orton Mere where there is a lock, a station and some lakes. Mip is reluctant to stay near to me or to come when called. With lots of deep water and fast bicycles around it makes for a slightly frazzled visit.

We arrive home again. JJ is fragile. We have tea. At some point Bee draws several pictures of Toad in prison. Matt scrapes in at 6:45, eats his tea and goes straight out to music practice. I put the boys to bed. JJ so nearly falls to sleep at 8:15, but doesn’t and stays up with me until 10. So plans to iron, organise etc. fall by the wayside. Nothing new there…