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(You can tell it’s been an uneventful day from the blog title!)

Photo taken some weeks ago – Bee, Mip and JJ emptying cupboards and cooker drawer – lots of mess but keeps them busy for a very long time.

Today was chilly and windy, so once JJ was asleep we cheered ourselves up by making some gingerbread men.JJ has another tooth coming through and so has been a bit more tearful than is usual over the last few days. And what else? We’ve read some Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry and some Old Bear stories. (Our reading of “on the Banks of Plum Creek” has temporarily paused. My 2nd hand copy had a few loose pages and Mip decided 1 day to see what happens if all the pages are loosened….. We’re waiting for a copy from the library request system to arrive now!)

Apart from that I’ve done endless washing and have dyed an ancient wrap around skirt black in the hope of pressing it back into service. I’m not really fitting into maternity clothes yet but have outgrown my regular clothes, so I have a bit of a clothes crisis every morning. 16 weeks now, so should start to feel some movement over the next week or so….

Matt took them over to the local park after tea when I realised they had been inside all day. Weather forecast good for tomorrow, so I shall go and pack a picnic and get us all off to the farm tomorrow….

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