The Garden


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This year Matt built 2 planters for us to experiment with. We planted spring onions, courgettes, peas, tomatoes. So far, despite a huge profusion of leaves we have only had 1 courgette – pictured – from our courgette plants. The tomatoes are still green, the spring onions are small but lots of them, and the peas were so delicious they never made it to the saucepan – the boys ate them all raw. We have some blueberries but we lost quite a few to the birds while we were in Kent, but, most exciting of all ,we have our first crop of apples. 14 altogether. We’ve eaten 2 so far, and they are so scrummy – incredibly crisp and sweet. So we’re hoping for a bigger crop next year. Friends are trying to encourage us to take on an allotment next year, but much as we have enjoyed this year’s growing I don’t know whether organising an allotment, 3 children and a baby will work…..

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