Monks Wood


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We had a “doing stuff” morning – the chippie starts on Monday so the shop had to be re-arranged….. Then Matt decided we should go out for the afternoon. After lots of indecision we decided to try Monks Wood, down towards Huntingdon .( and in the area we are currently thinking might be a good place to move out to eventually) It is an English Nature reserve and the woods go on for miles. We had such a lovely afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the woods full of butterflies and grasshoppers. (chasing grasshoppers can become quite addictive). Matt and I saw a muntjac deer jumping across our path ahead of us too. Can’t believe we’ve never discovered this place! There’s something about boys and woods – I love the way they carry sticks around and climb piles of logs and climb over a gate instead of going through it……

When the boys were all nicely tired we came home again and I made a sort of stew thing with some pork mince and butternut squash. We had never had it before and Benjamin is extremely cautious with any new food, unlike Isaac who will happily try anything. So it was greeted with ” I wasn’t having this” which is the standard response to any new food. Being Saturday, and therefore pudding day, he was fairly easily encouraged to try it, and then of course he decided he liked it and ate it all. Such a funny boy. Where does he get it from?

Then baths and an energetic pillow fight and bed. I thought we had worn them out but Joel has only just gone to sleep and Isaac is still awake up there……..

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