Holiday – briefly


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Saturday. Very fraught beginning as we packed and tried to seal up the bedrooms ready for the plasterers to work while we were away. Poured with rain. Greeted by very enthusiastic and bouncy dog but children fine with her. Spent the weekend learning how to look after 22 chickens, a dog, a cat, guinea pigs and fish. Inbetween showers we took the dog out for walks along the lanes.

Monday. Visited by Matt’s family. More walks, blackberry picking and lots of playing outside on trampoline.

Tuesday. Visit to Bodiam Castle. Just right for the boys, although only Mip was brave enough to climb all those steep, spiralling stairs to the top with Daddy. But they all loved it and we could have spent much longer there.

Wednesday. St. Mary’s Bay. Beautiful weather. Sandacasles, paddling, shell collecting….a perfect day for the boys again. Then drove to Hythe(?) for coffee and cake and pottered happily around. The most relaxed day we had that week I think.

Thursday. Canterbury Cathedral. Expensive to get into. The boys enjoyed it, although JJ just wanted to run everywhere and climb everything at top speed, which isn’t the usual approach to cathedral exploration.

Friday. Home. M25 barely moving, so having stopped off at Ikea to do some returns and have lunch we decided to stay there, have tea, and drive home in the evening when the children were tired enough to sleep and the roads quiet. Worked beautifully. Lots to play with at Ikea and they had their faces panted. Arrived home very late. Sealing bedrooms hadn’t worked very well – they were thick with dust ( really thick!) so we all camped downsatairs for the night.

Weekend. A bit of a low point. Matt hooverd up dust for hours and hours and we eventually restored some semblance of order. Missed the Kent farmhouse surrounded by fields…..

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