Bank Holiday Weekend

Matt spent half of Saturday and Sunday at the new Church building wiring up the sound system. Can’t remember what the rest of us did on Saturday, but on Sunday afternoon we all went for a lovely walk down by the river. We stopped and watched the steam trains and picked lots of blackberrys. Joel enjoyed eating them a lot and even picked some for himself, some of which were black! The boys found a good place for ‘dens’ in a hedge, which was lovely until they came out and we found they had both trodden in some very squidgy dog poo!

Today we went to Houghton mill, near Huntingdon, which is a National Trust property. Lots inside for the children to do – working models of the mill, levers, pulleys, grinding stones… They had a lovely time. Being bank holiday, the mill was grinding today, so we bought a bag of flour to make something with later in the week.


The mill is next to a lock, which was very busy today. So, we spent lots of time there. Bee was fascinated by the whole process. The mill is also next to an NT coffee shop, so we spent some time there…

IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0515.JPG

Then we walked the footpath across the field to the next village – Hemingford Grey – very picturesque. And eventually back home again. Apart from me getting cross with MIP when we got home, because he didn’t want to get out of the car, it was a really lovely day.

IMG_0512.JPG IMG_0510.JPG

We’re doing the photos slightly differently, so you can click on them to get bigger versions and after that click a second time to get through to our page on flickr (if you want to). However all the photos we take should now be appearing on the blog.

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