All asleep

It’s only 9.00 and it’s all quiet, which is much earlier than recently. Mip woke shortly after 5 this morning, and started to fall asleep over tea and was in bed by 5.45. He’s just woken up again but another episode of Winnie the Pooh on tape has settled him again.

Today we had our end of term Colourstrings party. We had been feeling that we didn’t want to carry on next year – it’s just not really working with the new teacher- and it sounds as if, for one reason and another, everyone else will be stopping too. I stopped in at Brook St on the way home to see what they might do as an alternative but they only do classes up to 3 years, which Isaac would outgrow after a term. However, I know the teacher there is Colourstrings influenced, and Matt was suggesting seeing if she would come and take a small group of h.e. children in our cellar. Might be worth going to Brook St for a term and seeing how she teaches……..

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