A bit more normal activity last week. We went to Library Story Time, had lunch at a friend’s, went to Barnwell Park for a day, Colourstrings, visited the farm with friends…..

We had a busy weekend too. Saturday we had a picnic lunch with our church “cluster” group followed in the evening by a large garden party hosted by some home schooling friends of ours. This year we were treated to a demonstration by the local Yorkshire Sword Dancing group. Nice to see several teenage lads dancing alongside their Dads (and Grandad) . Then on Sunday Matt took Bee and Mip off to the farm for the traction engine rally after Church. ( I stayed home with Joel who had a cold and temperature and had spent much of the night awake and crying) . Photos to follow when Matt has time!

Today was too hot to go out. They played in the paddling pool this morning while there was enough shade, and then spent the afternoon indoors. We read St George and the Dragon and Flora McDonnell’s “I Love Boats”. Rebecca came to cut our hair. Matt and the boys lit the traction engine and drove it round the patio. And now Matt, Bee and Mip have all gone off to play steam trains on Mr P’s garden railway with the rest of the PSME.

I’m still mulling over our approach to home schooling, but still ending up coming back to the Ambleside curriculum. Looking at it again today I realised it starts at 6, not 7 as I had thought.It’s still going to be hard waiting another year or so. I really don’t believe formal education should start early, but I waver every time I read someone’s blog and hear about how they are doing with their Latin…….

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