Well, it seems we are staying with our old blog, but an updated version. My new plan was to post a photo every day by blogging via Flickr (we haven’t really worked out how to post photos properly yet) but this new version doesn’t seem to have Flickr on it. Must point this out to Matt later when he’s in for an evening…..

So no photo today. And nothing exciting to blog either. The days are all quite similar at the moment. Still too hot to be out. We’re having a bit of a focus on teaching the boys to tidy up . Bee is quite good at it now ( have I already blogged this? ) but Mip is terrible! He just can’t stop playing with whatever he is meant to be putting away. It’s being a very stressful process!

I weighed the boys last night. Bee and Mip weigh the same now. JJ seemed to be eating more so I was hopeful for a jump up on his chart, but he actually weighs less than he did 6 weeks ago and has dropped from the 25th centile to the 9th! What happened to my 10 lb baby?!! However he has discovered drinking from a cup suddenly (encouraged by a particularly delicious smoothie) .So that’s good news for some eventual weaning.

In the absence of noteworthy h.e. moments in our day, I should probably go and attempt some cleaning. I’ve been doing an absolute bare minimum in this heat, and it shows….



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Photo taken a few weeks ago – I think it was being a boat.

Today started with library story time and then J and her two came back to our’s to play. Lots of h.e. talk – she is gradually working through my collection of h.e. books and we have a fairly similar view on parenting generally.

After lunch and rest times JJ stayed asleep so we did a bit of reading,played snap, painted (tried to do some colour mixing but as we had run out of yellow we were stuck with making purple and brown) and then Bee and I played snakes and ladders while Mip sloshed around in the sink ( making wine,apparently) .

Later Matt took them all over to the park when it had cooled a little and then Bee and Mip flopped to bed. Unfortunately after JJ’s 3 hour sleep this afternoon he is now wide awake. Unfortunate because we were hoping to start watching the Narnia film which I secreted out of the library this morning – secreted from the boys, that is, not the library lady……

This morning we went over to our local park for an hour before it got too hot, and then came back and retreated to our shady garden. After lunch I decided I really ought to try facing Tesco’s again. I haven’t been for weeks ( months? ) and instead keep giving Matt lists to pick up on his way home. The combination of heat and tiredness and Tesco’s with 3 children has all seemed too much……. Anyway, we did it today and survived, but only just. Tesco’s is having a huge re-organisation. Everything has moved, and not only that but all the organic stuff has been fitted in with everything else instead of having its own sections. So it all takes longer now.

Then after tea we all went for a walk over to the local allotments to have a look. Our friends have one and are trying to encourage us to take one next year. We have certainly enjoyed the vegetable growing that we have done in our garden. Something to ponder on…

All asleep

It’s only 9.00 and it’s all quiet, which is much earlier than recently. Mip woke shortly after 5 this morning, and started to fall asleep over tea and was in bed by 5.45. He’s just woken up again but another episode of Winnie the Pooh on tape has settled him again.

Today we had our end of term Colourstrings party. We had been feeling that we didn’t want to carry on next year – it’s just not really working with the new teacher- and it sounds as if, for one reason and another, everyone else will be stopping too. I stopped in at Brook St on the way home to see what they might do as an alternative but they only do classes up to 3 years, which Isaac would outgrow after a term. However, I know the teacher there is Colourstrings influenced, and Matt was suggesting seeing if she would come and take a small group of h.e. children in our cellar. Might be worth going to Brook St for a term and seeing how she teaches……..

A bit more normal activity last week. We went to Library Story Time, had lunch at a friend’s, went to Barnwell Park for a day, Colourstrings, visited the farm with friends…..

We had a busy weekend too. Saturday we had a picnic lunch with our church “cluster” group followed in the evening by a large garden party hosted by some home schooling friends of ours. This year we were treated to a demonstration by the local Yorkshire Sword Dancing group. Nice to see several teenage lads dancing alongside their Dads (and Grandad) . Then on Sunday Matt took Bee and Mip off to the farm for the traction engine rally after Church. ( I stayed home with Joel who had a cold and temperature and had spent much of the night awake and crying) . Photos to follow when Matt has time!

Today was too hot to go out. They played in the paddling pool this morning while there was enough shade, and then spent the afternoon indoors. We read St George and the Dragon and Flora McDonnell’s “I Love Boats”. Rebecca came to cut our hair. Matt and the boys lit the traction engine and drove it round the patio. And now Matt, Bee and Mip have all gone off to play steam trains on Mr P’s garden railway with the rest of the PSME.

I’m still mulling over our approach to home schooling, but still ending up coming back to the Ambleside curriculum. Looking at it again today I realised it starts at 6, not 7 as I had thought.It’s still going to be hard waiting another year or so. I really don’t believe formal education should start early, but I waver every time I read someone’s blog and hear about how they are doing with their Latin…….

catching up

Such a long pause! Partly due to a complete absence of energy on my part, and partly to Matt’s busyness finding plasterers, decorators, chippies, putting in planning applications, wiring up the cellar,buying a new washing machine,taking things to the tip and charity shop …….

Had a scan last week. Went in 15 weeks and came out 12! So still a few weeks of tiredness to go.Revised date is now 15 January – probably more sensible than Christmas.

So, with me flopping around for the last month the boys have done very little. We’ve probably done an hour’s reading most days (we’re on “On the Banks of Plum Creek” now), and they do something from the ” art and craft” category every day – even if it’s only chalk pictures on the patio -which they initiate themselves. Mip is drawing very complex designs, and Bee is still drawing lots of letters. With the weather so warm they spend lots of the day in the garden, and indoors lots of Lego building goes on. JJ continues to climb everything and loves turning round and round until he gets dizzy and falls over. Fortunately they are at a very easy stage and keep themselves busy for as many hours as left……..!!! But I’m looking forward to a return of some energy and getting us all out and about a bit more.