This week…

…..hasn’t been very eventful really. We spent today at the farm with friends and had a lovely, relaxed day. Yesterday we went to Colourstrings and the bank, but I think we’ve probably been home the rest of the time. The desk has been cleared, which always makes life look more hopeful, and I have put our coffee table in the middle of the sitting room. The boys don’t actually play in there much, so I thought it could try looking “grown-up” for a while. I carefully explained to the boys that coffee tables are for putting books on, and are not to be climbed on, but they still found their own unique way of interpreting that – photo to follow….
Also Bee has been requesting that the bunk beds be put back together so Matt obligingly fixed them tonight. It took a long time for them to settle, but all seems quiet now. Matt put a spare mattress on the floor “just in case” while Bee gets used to a top bunk and they very quickly discovered that the quick way down is just to jump…….

This weeks exciting news is an opportunity to house-sit for a home-schooling family in Kent for a week in August and take care of their dog, guinea pigs, fish, cat, 23 chickens and beautiful old farmhouse.I can see us being reluctant to return to Peterborough!

2 thoughts on “This week…”

  1. So where were they playing before you gave them a new “play aid” in the living room? Is it only when we visit that they spend most of their time in the living room?
    May we visit you in Kent if we are here? Or would you like to visit us?

  2. Mostly they’ve been playing in the “study” , just because their toys are on the shelves in there.(what should I call that room? I often wonder what the estate agent will come up with when we come to sell the house. Too small to call it a family room, can’t really call it a snug when it has 3 entrances and no fireplace, ………)

    Anyway, yes ,we are hoping you will come and visit us on holiday. Matt is due to phone you tonight so he can give you the dates then.

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