Not more cake……?!!!

Well, I had some clotted cream in the fridge that had to be eaten today so I really had to make some scones………

This morning Matt decided to take the sand out of the sand pit and dry it on the patio, take out the dead leaves etc. On inspecting the sand pit he decided the wood needed treating, and a plastic liner putting in. This meant taking up some patio slabs to take the sand pit apart. The sand and the pit structure are now all lying about the garden drying out, so my garden which was all organised yesterday is now looking like a building site. All too familiar…….

So the boys have spent most of the day playing in the sand on the patio and have been as happy as………where does that phrase come from?

We also hoovered and washed the Prairie this afternoon. White really does show the dirt! I also weeded it as it has a tendency to sprout little plants along the bottoms of the doors.

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