More Coffee and Cake

It took us a long time to get going this morning, but eventually we made it to Barnwell Park near Oundle, with a picnic, just in time for lunch. The weather was lovely and the boys had a good time playing on the swings etc. Then we cycled around the lakes. They went into a bird hide. We failed to spot any birds, but Iz spotted an aeroplane. Just as we got back to the car we also noticed a pair of coots building a nest.

Then we went back into Oundle to visit their new Fair Trade coffee shop (called Beans). We had had coffee and cake at the Museum yesterday, but decided to be reckless (we are on holiday) and have hot chocolates and carrot cake. Seriously delicious and “doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth” (as one Fair Trade advert put it recently). M is thinking of getting a T-Shirt with the Fair Trade logo on or possibly one that is a bit more blunt. We are trying hard at the moment to persuade our Church to use fair trade coffee. Peterborough itself is looking at becoming a fair trade city.

We came home and worked in the garden. M took down our leaf composter over the weekend. It didn’t look as if it had worked although on dismantling it proved to have 8 inches of compost at the bottom. It also had a small bees nest in too. So M spent the next few days gradually moving it out of our garden (we showed the boys at a distance, but there wasn’t very much to see). Anyway now that the composter has gone we have been able to move the swing frame to the back of the garden and put the climbing frame up. It all fits in nicely. The boys were very happy to be playing on it again. I still think our new grass is a bit fragile though – we will have to see if it survives the summer.

Also in Oundle, we went to Oxfam and as always came back with a big pile of books (Romans, Pyramids, Dinosaurs, Inventions, World Geography), puzzles, etc. Also two recorders today. The Oundle Oxfam always has very good stuff.

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