Benjamin’s preference for his Daddy is getting worse (or better,depending on your point of view). Any time Matt is around and I start to do something for Benjamin it is immediately met with ” but I was wanting Daddy to……..get my drink/ pick up my fork/ switch on the story tape”. And if Matt isn’t around we have long conversations about what day of the week it is and how soon it will be weekend and Daddy time again. And every night now Benjie wakes up at some point and comes into our bed to sleep next to Matt. The other night he accidentally got in next to me, but then realised his mistake and said “oh, I thought you were Daddy” and got out and went round to the other side to find him. I’m feeling decidedly 2nd best!

Anyway, we managed to get ourselves to Ferry Meadows this afternoon and had a lovely time. When I watch Benjamin climbing and gathering sticks and chasing rabbits and generally being a boy out-of-doors I always feel convinced that I need to get them out daily. But we end up spending far too many days inside because it looks cold, or potentially wet, or I think Joel will get cross in his buggy………today we almost didn’t go because I knew Joel would want to be out of his buggy and crawling/walking but he howls if I put him in shoes but he can’t walk around in socks…….I ended up taking the shoes with us and putting them on him when he got out of the backpack. He objected at first, but was fine in them after a while. Although he burst into tears when I put him back in the car and he realised he still had them on. Anyway, the point being I am far too much of a wimp and find that when we do go out it is usually much less complicated than I have imagined it might be! 3 children seems a lot to organise some days. Having said that you might like to look at Henrietta’s blog, which we have added to the links. She lives just around the corner from our London Grandparents and is homeschooling her 12 children!

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