Colourstrings Spring School

This week we have signed up for the colourstrings spring school, which takes place in Huntingdon. The boys each have a colourstrings class they attend and because Benjamin is 4.5, he gets to do an extra half-hour class, to assess his readiness for violin lessons. Compared to all the others in this class he seemed much the smallest and not always too ready to do exactly what the teacher says. So, for example, at one point the teacher asked them all to stand with their violins, but B remained sitting, she asked him again, but he was quite insistent that he wanted to play sitting down! He also has a tendency to suddenly decide to chat to the teacher about something totally unrelated. Which is quite sweet, but probably not quite the right idea. He is also still a bit shy and will often take part ‘in miniature’. So, for example, If they are clapping out a rhythm, Benjy will sit there tapping two fingers together really quietly. So I think it is unlikely that they will decide that he is ‘ready’, but he was very enthusiastic about doing it and obviously loved the classes today. We will see how the week progresses.

We finished at lunch time, so drove down the A14 to St. Ives where we met Matt for lunch. We went to a Free Evangelical Church, which has a Fair Trade shop and uses its hall to do lunches. Fried egg sandwiches and enormous pieces of cake. Matt was very happy.

Came home via Hampton to do the Tesco shop. Discovered Boots were selling Osh Kosh dungarees half price, so stocked up for the next few years.

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