Cleaners – lack of

We have decided to stop having our cleaners. It was all becoming a bit frustrating. There were a lot of niggles – scratched floors from dragging furniture, not working the whole hour and a quarter, and generally preferring “a little light dusting” to anything more energetic. So although they were both lovely ladies I decided it would be less stress to do it myself than to keep having to prompt them. Confrontation is not one of my best points. Anyway, it’s going okay, we are passably clean and Benjie is enjoying learning mopping and vacuuming. Matt has spent the money saved on an MP3 player!

2 thoughts on “Cleaners – lack of”

  1. Re the cleaners – I think yu have a point. I had a problem with the pavilion cleaners this week – they are part of a “proper” firm but turned up at 12.30 on Wednesday to do their 2 hour (supposed) clean – but we have a booking at 1.00 by which time as they well know, they have to be finished. They were – “finished” – but I feel aggrevieved at being shortchanged like that and rang the office to say so. As for your cleaning – one of the down sides to not sending the children to playgroup etc is that you dont get that precious few hours to yourself to do such things – but if it would help, I could come up say once a fortnight (when you are going to be out) and do you a clean through top to bottom. (then you could have an mpv player as well – whatever that is and does a household need two?). Let me know what you think. Meanwhile, continue putting cards in local shops etc and see if you can find a treasure – there must be one out there somewhere. You could try shops in nearby villages.

  2. We hope that while matthew is listening to his mp3 player he is doing a bit of heavy dusting for you!

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