March’s Achievements

Hmmm, probably not too many…

  • Worked on building planters to grow vegetables in and finished off the re-seeding of the “lawn”.
  • Found several carpenters to quote on the cellar staircase.
  • Started to plan the shop-front conversion
  • Sent on a desk and various sets of drawers to start the shop clearing process.

Not sure where March has got to. We certainly don’t seem to have achieved much. Benjamin has moved into Isey’s bedroom, which seems to be working. I thought he would be sad to leave his old room, but as soon as we started sorting his new bed out he announced that this was his new room. His old room is nearly ready for Joel. I am not sure that I am ready for Joel to move out of our room yet though! It seems a long way down the corridor.

This last week we have been focusing on getting the boys to do their tidying up at the end of the day, putting their laundry away, laying the table, clearing the table etc.. It has been a very uphill struggle. It doesn’t seem to come naturally to them.

Joel is on his feet more and more, and trying to join in with B and I’s games much more. He is starting to try to say things too. Things like ‘gone’ and ‘down’.

And part of the month has been spent being uncertain on what H.E. ‘philosophy’ to adopt. I have re-read some John Holt and looked at some curriculum stuff and ended up back at Ambleside Online and Charlotte Mason.

We have been inside far too much. It just takes so much effort to get everybody coated, toileted, booted and out. Desperate for some warmer weather to come and inspire us again.

2 thoughts on “March’s Achievements”

  1. What lovely photos!

    Interested to hear that B is keen to learn the fiddle. It might inspire me to get mine out again!

    Do hope (for us all) that the weather improves soon and you can start to get out. We had a lovely outing yesterday to East Mersea -Cudmore PaRK. JO JO LOVES IT THERE AS THERE IS EVERYTHING – SPACE, WATER AND LOTS OF OTHER DOGS! TOOK AMANDA, ROISIN AND A PICNIC AND ALTHOUGH NOT ESECIALLY WARM IT WAS BRIGHT AND SUNNY AND EVEN R GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND WALKED A FEW YARDS! THE REST OF US WENT FOR A FEW MILES – IN THE CASE OF ROISIN AND JO-JO I THINK THEY DID ABOUT 50 – AT FuLL TILT!! We sat in the car for the picnic – just sandwiches and ginger beer and it was very enjoyable. Got home about 3 – R went straight back to bed and I did some embroidery. Am now doing a table cloth for the kitchen – yellow and white big squares with a bit of blue and the squares each are having sun-flowers embroidered into them. Think it will look rather nice. Then I want to finish the new chair seat pads I started some years ago!

    Am now going to try to do some internet banking – haven’t achieved this yet but the TSB at B’sea is out of action due to flooding so have not been able to pay bills which are due. X fingers!

    Will speak soon – possibly tomorrow. Although it being Palm Sunday you will probably be at church. We have a bring and share tea before the evening service – to celebrate the church’s 30th birthday! Amazing!

    The trees are all planted now but Jay is still manfully putting in the stakes and guards – about half waY ROUND SO THE END IS BEGINNING TO COME INTO VIEW! (sorry – keep hitting caps lock key). He has been v busy this week and work seems to have started to trickle in. I got granny a new bit of carpet for her bathroom from the carpet shop in the village recently and Jay is going to lay it for her soon – the one she has is unspeakable! I picked her up from the lunch club on Thursday but she is getting very frail. I do wish she would have some help. She will come over (if she is spared!) on Easter Monday as she wants to see you all – of course. She came over for tea on Mothering Sunday and then we went down to Clacton to put flowers down on Granny I’s grave – I think she enjoyed the ride although the weather wasn’t very good. Auntie Margaret and Uncle Dave now in Finland! Went straight after her birthrday this week. A couple of weeks ago it was -35 there but they were told it had warmed up nicely and was only about -20 now!!! They will be busy – there has been a record number of entries for the show they are judging and I think it lasts over two days. It is certianly a hobby that opens up lots of interesting things for them now that they are getting so well regarded and widely known.

    Garden is looking very pretty now that the daffs etc are out – I am so pleased with it. Hope to do a couple of hours on the allotment later this morning – get it raked over and spread some fish meal etc ready for planting as soon as the weather warms up a bit. Jay has got me some bags of horse manure as well. A lot of things coming on nicely in the green house.

    Must tackle this banking and write some Easter letters.

    Much love to all,


    PS -The dolly’s jumper is finished and looks sweet!


  2. PS – re your veg in planters – if you have not already done so – dont buy seeds – I have masses and when you come next week you can take some of mine!

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