One thought on “Marmalade making”

  1. Reminded me of Dad and I making our first batch of marmalade in, presumably, 1966! Couldn’t get it to set. Eventually Dad went over to the phone box and rang his mum who advised “a good rolling boil” rather than the catious simmer we were doing. Magic. The following year (Dad having presented me with a Baby Burco boiler as a Christmas present – so romantic!), we made marmalade in that – worked really well, but trying to get it out via the tap was the big mistake there. The tap never worked again! However, your marmalde sauce will be excellent and if you want to resucue it – put it back into the pan and boil it really fast for a few minutes and then keep testing for the set. Alternatively add some Certo.

    Look forwrd to seeing you next week.

    Much love,

    Mummy XX

    PS Hope birthday cake was well received. (Did it have marmalade sauce?)

    PPS I have a very good recipe for marmalade cake, too.

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