Just been upstairs to check on Benjamin. Found him curled up with his lamp (which was switched on) under his duvet!!!! So glad it was an energy efficient one that stays cool!

Matt has a couple of days off, to use up some flexi time he has built up. Today’s plan was to find some curtains for the sitting room ( I have been looking unsuccessfully for the last year) and Benjamin wanted to build a tent with Daddy and to make gingerbread men. So Matt built a tent (which takes up most of the sitting room) while I went to town. I wanted ready-made curtains this time, not really having time to make them, but the only ones I could find that I thought would work were in a Laura Ashley catalogue 2 years out of date. I went in to Laura Ashley just in case, but was assured there wouldn’t be any left. Couldn’t find anything else, so came home feeling discouraged. Matt promptly phoned their central base, and soon had 3 curtains found from the attic of Laura Ashley Eastbourne and arranged for them to be posted to us. And half price of course being now discontinued! He’s so much better at shopping than I am!

We then made gingerbread this afternoon and Matt went to Hotpoint to order the fixings we need to put the cupboard doors on the fridge freezer.

Joel is climbing very enthusiastically still and is definitely eating more now, although probably not as much as an average 10 month old. I haven’t weighed him recently though.

Benjie had us in stitches the other night trying to learn to hop along the hall but with his leg sticking out in front of him instead of tucked under. Had something reminiscent of John Cleese’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

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