February’s Achievements

  • Had a radiator fitted in hall
  • Put up four curtain poles in kitchen
  • Transfered sitting room curtains to kitchen (lots of hemming still to do!)
  • Found and put up new curtains in sitting room.
  • Purchased fixings for integrated fridge freezer (it may not sound like much, but it was quite a challenge).
  • Put more cupboard locks in kitchen.
  • Had a building regs inspection and bought roof vents to finish the job.
  • Lots of additional insulation in the kitchen loft
  • Dug in stepping stones in garden.


Joel is quite hard work at the moment. He can climb on to sofas now but hasn’t worked out how to climb down safely. He is totally determined to open the oven (it’s design means it can’t have a lock on it) and every day we go through the routine of a firm “no” and a tap on the hand. He then sits on the floor and cries, then gets up and goes straight back to the oven with a big grin on his face and opens it again! Over and over! He also hates to be strapped into his highchair and cries if I don’t let him climb out. But he is eating more now. He seems to prefer warm food. Before, breakfast and lunch were usually cold so he was only eating his tea. Which is funny because the other 2 were always happy to eat cold food.

In between all this he plays very happily alongside Benjie and Isaac and loves to throw/drop things over and over with lots of giggles.He sleeps through the evening now and probably wakes up only once or twice in the night.


We started potty training this week and it’s going very well so far. The only accident so far was my fault – we had just had passed on to us a lovely pair of Osh Kosh dungarees so I dressed him in them but of course he couldn’t take them off by himself!

He enjoyed his birthday very much. We gave him a tape player and Grandparents gave him the Winnie the Pooh stories narrated by Alan Bennett. So we have been listening to a LOT of W t P this week!

He and Benjie are playing lots of Alfie and Annie Rose games at the moment (books by Shirley Hughes). So Isaac spends lots of time crawling around the house saying ” I’m being Annie Rose the baby girl!”


I wandered through to the kitchen this morning to see what B was up to and discovered him with pencil and chalks writing out Bs, back to front, but B never the less. He is spending a lot of time at the moment at the table drawing pictures. painting, etc., probably several hours a day. It is nice to see his pictures becoming recognisable and an interest in writing developing.

Conversations are developing too and we discuss lots of topics as we go through the day. I can see at the moment how the John Holt style of autonomous learning can work. B is just interested in so many things,and one subject leads to another……….

He’s full of plans too. Most mornings begin with ” Mummy, I was thinking we could go to the seaside today” (in February!) or “Mummy, I was thinking we could go up in a hot air balloon today”

He keeps making comments about having a kitten, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea. He is so sensitive – he would be devastated if it were to get run over .

Country Park

Country Park

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We took advantage of the (better) weather on Saturday and took the boys out.

They loved cycling around the park. Isey is getting quite good with his bike

now and easily keeps up with B. They had a great time in the playground. B

enjoyed the large basket swing and would happily lie in it while being pushed

as high as possible. Isey was in there with him until it was going high, when

he wanted to come out. They both loved the zip wire.