A breakthrough

Up until now Joel has continued to show no interest in eating, and every spoonful has to be slipped in while he is distracted. Tonight I had forgotten to get anything ready so I quickly liquidised a portion of the spaghetti bolognese we were having. The first spoonful went in. He opened his mouth for more. Then again. Then again. He has never volunteered an open mouth for food before. He ate a whole 10 month old sized portion. We could hardly believe it! Now we need to find out whether he will eat other things, or whether this is a spaghetti bolognese- specific response!

Benjamin has developed quite a stammer suddenly over this last week. He has done this once before, and we ignored it and it disappeared quite quickly. He ends up repeating the first word or two of a sentence, sometimes 8 times or more,before moving on to the rest of the sentence. So we are again assuming it will be a temporary thing. But I did notice tonight that he wasn’t making much eye contact with me, so perhaps some more one-to-one attention is called for?

But it just seems so hard to find spaces in the day. Even though in some ways things feel easier now that Benjie and Isaac play so well together, the day still fills itself with Joel and meals and laundry etc etc. A measure of the lack of pauses is that my new-for-Christmas book remains unread – an unheard of event! I think tomorrow I shall see if I can gain some spaces by not turning on the computer.

Yesterday Isaac was entertaining himself by walking around the kitchen with a cardboard box on his head. Benjamin decided he would help him out by taking a chop stick and punching out some eye holes for him, while he was still wearing the box!!! Fortunately I noticed this before he actually pierced the cardboard!

Rewarding Benjamin with 2 chocolate buttons for getting to the toilet to do a poo seems to be working well, and we are probably about 80% successful now. Today, however, we only had 1 1/2 buttons left. I gave 1 to Benjie and ate the remaining half myself (Isaac being in his bedroom for rest time and therefore unaware that chocolate buttons were to be had). Benjie went off for his rest time, but later I heard unhappy sounds coming from his room. I went to investigate. He sat on my knee crying, and eventually said “Isaac usually has chocolate buttons too.” I tried to explain that we had run out, but this didn’t seem to help. He only recovered when I said I would e-mail Daddy and ask him to bring some chocolate buttons home. When Daddy came home I opened the packet and gave one to Benjamin saying ” here’s your other button” and he immediately turned and gave it to Isaac! It was a lovely moment, and I feel quite amazed at the depth of emotion Isaac’s “lack” incurred in Benjamin.

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