Space is the current enthusiasm. Benjamin found one of Matt’s old books showing pictures of the first landing on the moon, and then Matt discovered a NASA web site with clips of all sorts of rocket take-offs, moon expeditions, etc. One showed an experiment on the moon showing an astronaut dropping a hammer and a feather together. They both fall fairly slowly and land at the same time. I had thought the hammer would still fall faster than the feather, albeit more slowly than on earth, but of course there is no air resistance to slow the feather down. Galileo was right. So discussions about gravity boots and space buggies has, for the moment, partially replaced train topics.

Still lots of track building going on during the day though. Jigsaw puzzles are also being popular, as is a new road mat from Granny.

Last week Matt and I were discussing how to respond to Isaac, who is often very slow to respond when asked to do something and mostly seems to be oblivious and far away in his own world. It can be very easy to get frustrated with him if you are trying to get anywhere in a hurry. Benjamin, in contrast, has always been much quicker to respond. As we talked it over we began to wonder whether partly he is less responsive to us because we haven’t built the same depth of relationship with him as we have with Benjamin. Benjie had us all to himself for 15 months, and even after Isaac was born I guess partly we were still focused on all the new things Benjie was doing while Isaac tagged along in the background. Benjamin often gets one to one time with Matt after Isaac has gone to bed etc but Isaac never has one to one. It was one of those horrible sinking moments when you realize what you have been doing wrong. We decided that Matt would have a half hour just with Isaac every day before bed, and tonight Matt took him off to help him with setting up the PA for the Christmas guest service. ( tomorrow will be Benjie’s turn)

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  1. Your thinking makes sense and the one-to-one time is very good idea. Its all too easy for the middle child to get less time and/or attention – ask Tim! I just wondered though—have you checked his hearing?

  2. Yes, I have thought about his hearing, but it does seem to be fine. I just called his name now without him looking at me and he looked up straight away. I think he does get very distracted with his playing though!

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