Late again

We’ve just been down to the PO with all our cards. I asked whether it was 2nd or 1st class now for Christmas, to be told that it was 1st class yesterday! I’m late every year. A slow learner!

Lots of interesting posts on the Deuteronomy site at the moment on the necessity of teaching phonics for reading, and the failure to do so resulting in this ridiculous blanket labelling of so many as dyslexic. Still feel that earlier is not necessarily better for boys though. After Christmas I think I might start Benjamin on 5 mins a day and see how he goes.

Isaac does seem to be doing better with a bit of extra attention. I’ve also been working on making sure B and I respond 1st time when asked to do something. It’s too easy when busy with Joel to walk past and give instructions and then not follow up if they don’t respond. Then they learn to ignore me until I come back and start nagging/ insisting/despairing (depending on my mood) and it all goes downhill from there! But I know all of this – why is it so hard to actually do it??!!

Yesterday Benjamin opened the car door onto a neighboring very shiny and well ca

red for black car leaving a white scratch on it. After a bit of an inward battle I left a note for them confessing , and envisaging getting a bill for repainting the whole door. When we arrived home he phoned and very kindly said it wasn’t a big scratch and he could sort it out himself.Much relief!

I took the Prairie through a car wash last week, as it seemed to have turned pale green with the amount of moss and other stuff growing on it. I had never done a car wash before. Felt very reckless! A bit of an improvement, but needs a bit more elbow grease really.

The boys are just discovering sliding downstairs on their duvets ( sledging). Lots of giggles coming from the hall……

Oh, and one other thing worth reporting.Matt has cleared out 2 car loads of rubbish from the cellar and shop for me to take to the tip!!! I think this may stem from a brief conversation we had on finding a space for a Hornby railway when the boys are older….


Space is the current enthusiasm. Benjamin found one of Matt’s old books showing pictures of the first landing on the moon, and then Matt discovered a NASA web site with clips of all sorts of rocket take-offs, moon expeditions, etc. One showed an experiment on the moon showing an astronaut dropping a hammer and a feather together. They both fall fairly slowly and land at the same time. I had thought the hammer would still fall faster than the feather, albeit more slowly than on earth, but of course there is no air resistance to slow the feather down. Galileo was right. So discussions about gravity boots and space buggies has, for the moment, partially replaced train topics.

Still lots of track building going on during the day though. Jigsaw puzzles are also being popular, as is a new road mat from Granny.

Last week Matt and I were discussing how to respond to Isaac, who is often very slow to respond when asked to do something and mostly seems to be oblivious and far away in his own world. It can be very easy to get frustrated with him if you are trying to get anywhere in a hurry. Benjamin, in contrast, has always been much quicker to respond. As we talked it over we began to wonder whether partly he is less responsive to us because we haven’t built the same depth of relationship with him as we have with Benjamin. Benjie had us all to himself for 15 months, and even after Isaac was born I guess partly we were still focused on all the new things Benjie was doing while Isaac tagged along in the background. Benjamin often gets one to one time with Matt after Isaac has gone to bed etc but Isaac never has one to one. It was one of those horrible sinking moments when you realize what you have been doing wrong. We decided that Matt would have a half hour just with Isaac every day before bed, and tonight Matt took him off to help him with setting up the PA for the Christmas guest service. ( tomorrow will be Benjie’s turn)

coughs and colds

Joel is not enjoying his first cold. He is so miserable, so the week has gone by with me carrying an upset baby around all day, ( and much of the night) and neglecting Benjamin and Isaac. I don’t think they’ve noticed – it’s been one long game of trains all week……….

Would be nice to get outside though. Emptying the bins has been my only fresh air this week.