Benjamin’s birthday

There’s always so much I want to write every day, but never enough time for it…..

This year was the first year we haven’t had a party for Benjie. I don’t really know why I didn’t organise one this year as I have loved doing them previous years. Perhaps it was just that he is a year older and more aware, but it seemed somehow that having a simpler day meant he actually enjoyed it more

Today Joel had his 8 month check with the health visitor. Was very alarmed to discover his weight has plumetted from the 92nd centile to below the 25 th centile. I haven’t been taking him to clinic to have him weighed. I didn’t take Benjie or Isaac and they always stayed happily on track and going to clinic just seemed a very tedious thing to do . But Joel just hasn’t shown any enthusiasm for solids yet, despite trying for 2 months, and he is being extremely active now he can crawl. So he has to be checked on again in a months time, and meanwhile I guess we just have to try and squeeze as many tea-spoons into him as we can.

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