Recovering from science museum

Benjamin and Isaac were so tired out by their day in London they BOTH slept through the night! Must do this more often!!

However, we drifted through Friday unproductively as Matt and I were tired and I was aching from all the exercise(!) and then last night Matt came down with this bug and is now hiding upstairs for the day watching Lord of the Rings. We had all been to Activity World in the afternoon, but this is obviously not enough exertion and all the children were awake at various points of the night. Joel spent an hour crawling around the bed somewhere around dawn after I had woken him by changing his nappy, before settling down again and sleeping in until 10.30 am.

MuddlePuddle was a smaller group than usual yesterday, 5 families I think, but it was nice to be able to all sit together and talk to everyone, and nice to meet someone else also using Ambleside Online and hear how much they are enjoying it.

Happy Birthday Tim!

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  1. Hello – lovely to see you on Tuesday and thank you so much for the day. Also for cake – Jay loved it!! Do hope (by the time you get this!)_ that your holiday will have been brilliant. Nice bright day today so far although rain coming later so hope you dont get flooded!

    P&B are off to Fowey today for 2 weeks – by train because Brian still not able to drive. Mark said he would book the tickets for them and then when he handed them over said that he and David were paying for them and had brought them first class – what a lovely surprise! They are also driving them up to Paddington so no hassle crossing London -wasn’t that lovely of them. Makes it so much easier for Pat and less exhausting.

    Talking of Paddington – UB rang last night – says he is coming on Wednesday before Christmas (21st) until 29th – he is so looking foreard to it. I am hoping that we will be able to get together for a visit over the Christmas period while he is with us – we will speak about this after our holidays. I wouldlike to come up anyways sometime either w/c 5 or 12 if possible. Again we will discuss when hols are over. Was rather sad to get tickets etc for cruise yesterday – was secretly hoping it would be cancelled!!! I just don’t want to go now. I am sure it will be lovely once there.

    cANT FIND OUT HOW TO ACCESS RESPONSES TO MESSAGES -KEEP GETTING TOLD AGAIN NOT AUTHORISED. OH DEAR – have just discovered this is all in caps. No time to amend. Sorry.

    Granny in better mood on way home – you clearly worked some magic – whatever it was thank you.

    Jay had interview yesterday – obviously dont know how it went but he did masses of preparation. Had to do a presentation on crime figures to a panel of people. What a subject. Still he seemed quite relaxed about it. Oh I do hope he gets something soon -I dont know how I can cope will all this disappointement so can only imagine what he must be feeling.

    Going to write to Andree now via Anna and see if I can make contact, and will send a post card to Adrian as he never answers the phone. I think part of the problem – well probably all of the problem, is me – they use their mobiles all the time now and I just cant afford to keep ringing people on mobiles as it is so expensive compared with the proper phones which I pay £10 a month for and that covers all of them. Mobiles really bump it up.

    (If you respnd to this can you do it by e-mail as I cant get responses from this until I find out how.) I have bought a book called master your computer in 2 hours so if I ever get said 2 hours I will be an expert – ha ha!!

    Love always,

    Mummy XXX

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