Bunk beds

No more rash promises….. Life has been taken over with a backlog of paperwork and a lot of weatherproofing and draughtproofing. And still lots of both to be done.

The weather has been so good this last week that we have been spending our days out at all our favourite places with a picnic before the weather prohibits this. We have been trying to adapt Joel to the bike buggy, but he just doesn’t seem to like it. He seems happy on the seat on the back of my bike, but he needs a helmet for that and I haven’t found one small enough yet.

At MuddlePuddle last week we were chatting to a family who have children the same ages as ours. We discovered their eldest was already in the top of a bunk bed. Benjamin, on learning this,- decided he was there
fore ready to move into a top bunk. I explained carefully that it would mean he would have to go to sleep by himself as neither Matt nor I would be able to be up with him but he was quite certain this was what he wanted. So yesterday afternoon Matt took Benjie’s bed out of his room and rebuilt it on top of Isaac’s bed. They were so excited! Anyway, Isaac went to bed and then Benjie climbed up with his book and settled down. 20 minutes later he came downstairs in tears saying that he had only wanted to try it out, he hadn’t wanted to actually sleep in it. So Matt had to quickly put together another bed in Benjie’s room and then Benjie went very quickly and happily to sleep ….

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