Pictures at last!

One Saturday at the Church building site. Everybody came to write Scriptures on the steel posts before they are covered over. Pyramids and camels from MuddlePuddle’s Egypt session.
Ground Floor Of Building Egypt

Benjamin’s first picture of a person. He says it is Joel grown up, because he is very tall. Not sure, possibly train drivers.

Benjamins first drawing of a person Dont know

Our Sunflowers finally flowered. Not particularly tall, but better than last year.


Benjy and Isey go camping in a tent that I (Matt) made for them. I used to make lots of tents when I was a boy.

Tent Tent

3 Boys at Sacrewell Farm Artwork on the patio

3 Boys Drawing On Patio

He’s so cute Collecting walnuts with Daddy.

Joel Finding Walnuts

First time in a high chair. Here Benjy and Isey are sitting on a bench at Burghley Park.

Joel On a locust

They loved this basket swing at Barnwell Country Park. I think B could have stayed on it all day. Feeding ducks at Barnwell.

Big Swing Feeding ducks

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