Some nights Benjie starts in the top bunk and then goes back to his room, some nights he goes straight to his own room, and 1 night he actually slept in the bunk. I think he is going to be experimenting with it for quite a while.

Joel is becoming mobile. He can pull himself around on his tummy, and he can get up on his hands and knees and rocks around hopefully. He is trialling a baby sleeping bag at nights and mostly sleeping in his cot but waking up maybe 3 times a night. He seems very hungry but not particularly enthused at the idea of solids. A few tsps per day with a lot of encouragement.

Isaac is using long sentences now, and at that really sweet stage of saying everything very slowly and thoughtfully. He usually adds “really” on to the end of things for some reason, eg
“Thomas is blue. Really”

Today was Colourstrings, Central Park, friends to play in the afternoon. Yesterday was library story time, friends to play, Happy Faces and Central Park. Monday we spent the day at Barnwell Country Park. We hadn’t been for 3 years but the boys loved it so we shall definitely be adding it to our list of favourites. Lots of play equipment -including a zip wire- and lots of lakes. The weather was beautiful too – we wouldn’t have been cold in shorts and tee shirts. I kept thinking of all those children sitting at their desks in a classroom missing it all….

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