Scheduling – Tuesday

Having just read a book on homeschooling about scheduling I thought I would start creating one. For today it looked like this;
8.00 breakfast and bible story
9.00 Central Park
12.00 lunch
1.00 rest times
1.30 playing/cleaning windows
3.00 afternoon tea and a poem
3.30 french and alphabet work with Benjamin
4.30 make tea
5.00 tea
5.30 tidy up
6.00 bible story and singing
6.30 bed

The idea is that you create a schedule that remains roughly the same most days so that the children know how the pattern of the day runs, that has enough changes of activity to keep them focused and avoid deteriorating behaviour, and that gives you space to do the things you need to do. I always work much better if I’m following a plan.
Anyway, the day went extremely well and we did almost everything. We played letter lotto for Benjie’s alphabet work which was very popular. One of the “M” pictures is a monster – the friendliest looking one possible – but when Benjie took it he paused and then said that he thought he would have all his pictures upside down and promptly turned them all over. He is very sensitive about monsters, giants etc.

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