Not such a good day…

It didn’t begin too well. Matt had left a spider under a glass in the hall so I had to escort it outside. It turned out to have passed away overnight.

I hadn’t made a proper plan for the day but bundled us all together and set off for the farm. We were there for 9.15 and didn’t see anyone for an hour. There was a new calf to admire and lots of pretend cooking went on in the mill house kitchen. Came home for lunch. We had rest times but Joel didn’t sleep. I was very tired, my tooth ( ex tooth) was bothering me a lot, even with increased pain killers, and I just wasn’t quite as patient as I would have liked to have been when Isaac emptied Hama beads all over the floor, banged doors, threw a stool downstairs (? I don’t think he knew why he did it either! ) emptied all my shoes out of my wardrobe………….

Eventually Joel fell asleep and Benjamin rescued us by reminding me that I had said we would hoover out the car. So that gave us a project. The boys had lots of fun and I felt very accomplished at being able to cross something off of last years list of things to do.

I definitely need to plan my days in advance……..

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