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  1. Yes – you still have grandparents! Well, one anyway! (And a mother!)

    Well done, Matt. Glad to hear you have finally completed the dreaded tax return. You will be feeling very releived to have that out of the way.

    I look forward to seeing the promised pictures when they are posted. Have
    purchased some proper paper to print them out on so I can let Granny have one. Talking of Granny, she would very much like to come up on 1 November “if she is spared”.

    Sadly a disappointing week for Jay as he got neither of the caretaker jobs. I don’t know how he manages to stay so bouyant really. He gets down immediately of course but always seems to bounce back. Which is more than I do on his behalf. Neither do I understand how anybody- especially a school teacher whoi should be able to understand people, can be so blind to his qualities. He is starting to pick up some private work now.

    We had a lovely time in France, weather was perfect, crossing good and the hotel fine. Roderick fell out of bed twice and bruised his face and bloodied the carpet but apart from that ….! And the Chateau lunch ws beautiful in the most elegant and glorious surroundings. A real treat. Now looking forward to a long weekend in the Lake District at end of October. Have (almost)decided to go to Ireland wit Leisuretime next June. At least, it will mean being away on 15th (Granny’s birthday), so do you think I should go? Is it a bit selfish of me to book to be away then or do you think a birthday lunch when I get back will be
    morally OK? There isn’t any option on dates.

    Nice bright day today – back improving but still not right so no allotment or gardening but may try the dance in the village hall this evening.

    Had Wendy and Jim, Linda and Mick over for lunch yesterday – great fun. They send greetings and hope all is well.

    Busy week pc-wise with what should have been final tutorial for CiLCA course. I have not finished though (not the only one) but we have one more meeting in November to start looking at the Quality Council course which is the next big step, so I aim to try to have it finished then, leave it with the tutors and collect it and send it off after they have checked it all through. The thing is I do so want to pass all bits of it first time – I shall be so embarrassed if I have to re-do any sections and there are something like 26 units so it is quite a challenge. We shall see.

    Susan sent me her dissertation for her degree to have a look at – it has to be in next week. What a lot of work she has done. I made some grammatical amendments (at her request)but lost them so will have to have another go at it if I GET A COUPLE of hours OVER THE WEEKEND. During the night I realised that I could have possibly retreived them, but too late now as I switched the comuter off in exasperation!

    Actually you would probably find it an interesting read so I may forward it onto you.

    No more now – must get on and go walk Jo-Jo who is sitting patiently crosslegged on the door mat!!

    The kittens are lovely – such fun. Such a good investment!! Much love to all,


    PS got B’s birthday present on Ferry and a french b’day card! Are they still doing French?

  2. They’re not doing french classes at the moment – we may pick them up again next year – but I still do bits with them and they watched their french dvd last night.

    I’m sure a slightly late birthday lunch should be acceptable for Granny. When would you get back?

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