A change of weather

Stuck at home all day. Matt had taken the Prairie as his car is still at the garage having something else done (!) and it rained all day. So looked for some new wet weather clothing on the Internet for the children, but I guess that may be dependant on what the garage want to charge us!
We got the clay out (Benjamin started to make a house for his Lego men but got sidetracked into making them sausages to eat instead), made scones, listened to story tapes, read some Teddy Robinson, and they all had baths. Joel is so funny in the bath. He splashes so hard, and then his reaction to having splashed himself is to splash again, and so he continues until I take him out to break the cycle. He’s always very excited to be getting in the bath, and always very relieved to be taken out!
I was hoping we would get the bikes and bike buggy up and running this weekend but the weather doesn’t look promising. Tax returns also have to take priority I suppose. Although we have another 2 weeks to do them. We don’t usually do them this far in advance……..

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