I’m ironing tonight, but just taking a quick detour via the computer…..

Matt is insisting I learn to type using a typing tutor he’s found. It has encouragingly told me I have a typing speed of 63 letters per minute. I can now type ” asdfghjkl; ” without looking. Very useful.

Today Colourstrings began again with the new teacher. Although we miss Brigid very much Kate is also very good and the boys were obviously happy to be there again. Isaac copied everything she did without prompting and when I sat aside to feed Joel he carried on very happily without me. Benjamin mostly joined in, but had to be prompted and acted shy. Which is funny how he does that in any slightly “official” set up, whereas if we are at a park, for example, he talks to anybody and everybody. We went over the road to Central Park afterwards and a group of older teenage girls had taken over the boat. I was inwardly mumbling about how it wasn’t fair because the children don’t feel confident to go and play when Benjamin went straight over and climbed on and started talking to them. Not sure where this comes from – I was scared of teenagers when I was little- but it’s nice to see.

Home for lunch. Isaac had a crisis and cried for half an hour. One of those times when a television would be useful. Even the swing didn’t work. Eventually came up with the idea of letting him scroll through Tammy’s blog to find pictures of Sam, and this instantly restored things.

Then rest time (much needed by then!) and out to Orton Mere to watch the steam train at the station. We walked to the lock and the rowing course, but no boats anywhere. Lots of rabbits and a heron though, and when we got back to the lake saw lots of water rats bouncing around. There were model boats out too. Couldn’t find my car keys to go home, but eventually realized I had left them in the door.

Joel is moving around the floor and has 4 teeth through. Today has been one of those days when he has wanted to be carried a lot and he is getting heavy.

It occurred to me today that I don’t really spend any one to one time with Isaac. Perhaps he would be a bit less prone to falling apart if I gave him some individual time?

Tuesday was Ferry Meadows in the morning and Happy Faces in the afternoon, and Monday afternoon we were also at Ferry Meadows, and saw some other home schooling families from the Muddle Puddle group. Monday morning Isaac found a felt tip while I was upstairs putting Joel to bed and drew over 2 doors, assorted walls, the bin, a rug, Benjamin’s first picture of a person displayed on the fridge, a window…… NB Mummy – keep all felt tips on top of bookcases which can’t be accessed by a handy chair to avoid repeats of the above.

Do we still have any Grandparents out there? It’s been a bit quiet in the comment box lately….

Still lots of photos due to go up, but Matt has been a bit preoccupied with the tax returns so far this week…

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  1. Hi the whole family has been reading the blog just without broadband we have been rushing a bit.So we are still here.


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