I can’t remember much of this last week, but yesterday I took the children up to London to visit a friend and her three children. The night before had been rough. Isaac didn’t sleep much and neither did I. Isaac was coming down with a cold and travelling to London looked too daunting. Matt decided I was going anyway.

Matt took us down to St. Neots and we caught the train from there. It was all much easier than I had envisaged. The boys were fascinated by the whole train process and Joel just sat on my lap and watched everything.

Having arrived at Kings Cross, we caught a bus to K’s house. Missed our stop because I didn’t know what it would look like. But everyone was very kind and helpful, helping us on and off the bus, pointing us in the right direction, etc.

I’d taken the buggy for Isaac and Joel was in the sling. It was lovely to catch up with K and her three children, all just slightly older than ours. K is very good with them and they are very lovely children. Watching her with them I felt challenged both to work harder at being consistent with our boys and also just to communicate more to them my enjoyment of them.
We took them to a local paddling pool before lunch and then spent the afternoon in their garden. Joel discovered rolling from his tummy to his back (he could already go back to tummy).
K made me a cup of tea after lunch saying “Is it still white and no sugar?” This is after 7 years! “You forget quite how many cups of tea I made at your house!” she explained. I still think that’s an impressive memory- I still can’t get Matt’s teas and coffees right after 5 years!
All too soon it was time for the journey home. Isaac slept from the moment we left K’s house until 10 minutes before St. Neots. All went well until I got the buggy stuck between train and platform with Isaac in it at St. Neots, but again people jumped up to help and eventually we managed to wriggle it out again! So altogether a very successful outing.

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