More friends over to play this morning.S had a really good t-shirt on that said ” 2 cool 4 school” but T said they are careful where they wear it! Lots of Lego building went on. Again I felt incredibly tired.

Joel slept all afternoon so we got everything ready for Jay’s birthday tea. I also had a phone call from Police Cont
rol saying they had had a 999 call from us but it sounded like a child and did I really need them? Sure enough ,Isaac was on the windowsill with the phones. The lady was very friendly though. I expect she has had a 2 year old too!

Then I had another call from the hospital as they had a spare appointment tomorrow morning and would I like to go and have my wisdom tooth out? Matt thought this would be a good idea as his family will be here and can help him with the children while I retreat to bed to recover! Not looking forward to it but I guess it has to be done.

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